MillenEOS® Network

Robust and reliable, MillenEOS API eliminates the need to synchronize, configure,
and maintain the costly EOS infrastructure. MillenEOS serves the EOS network
by enabling developers to obtain low-latency access to the EOS blockchain data.

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MillenEOS Full History API

Lightning Fast Response

MillenEOS provides full-history EOS API solution enabling real-time streaming of EOS blockchain data.

The MillenEOS API is built to streamline and optimize the dApp development process by economizing on maintenance of costly EOS infrastructure.

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Seamless Data Access
Powerful query language and APIs for seamless access to the EOS state history data.
Data Pipelines
Powerful query language and APIs for seamless access to the EOS state history data.
Grafana Interfaces
Access to data, dashboards, reports, and visualizations via the Grafana engine.
Low-latency data access and high availability of core system components.
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Real-Time Computing
Processing of forks and analysis in real time along with RTC reports of reversible blocks.
Efficient Data Storage
LSM-tree data structure ensuring efficient data storage, access, and high insert volume.
Ultimate Scalability
High data compression rate, near linear scaling, and load optimization through sharding.
Reliable and Stable
Physical infrastructure enabling read and write resilience, data center redundancy, and 99.9% uptime.

MillenEOS API Pricing

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Real-Time Updates
Custom API
Geo Routing
Data Streaming
Anomaly Detection
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Calls/second: 5
Calls/minute: 200
Calls/hour: 7,000
Calls/day: 150,000
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Calls/second: 100
Calls/minute: 4,500
Calls/hour: 3,000,000
Calls/day: 5,000,000
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Calls/second: 500
Calls/minute: 30,000
Calls/hour: 8,000,000
Calls/day: 25,000,000
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In Development
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Institutional Services

MillenEOS employs a holistic approach to the issues of EOS data economics.

We envision the future where the EOS network is wholly decentralized and yet efficient on all the layers comprising it. We envision a world of perfect markets where everybody is rewarded fairly for his or her activities within the network.

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MillenEOS Heavy Node
We offer our institutional clients the opportunity to deploy a fully functional instance of MillenEOS database and application layers.
MillenEOS Dashboards
Our partners enjoy the benefits of fully customizable dashboards, allowing for real-time overview of any dimension of the EOS network.